My heart is broken.  It screams out in pain and agony.  It echoes against my ribcage.  It feels so dead.  There shouldn’t be a heartbeat.  But with this broken heart comes another sleepless night and another breathless day.  Without you, my world is shattered and broken.  I made a mistake of putting walls up and I forgot to build the self-destruct button to get those walls down.  I’m the reason that I’m losing you even before you were mine.  I can’t apologize anymore or explain the hurt I’ve caused.  I just can’t think straight about it.  The only good thought I’ve had in a long time is you,  but I can’t think of you anymore.  You are not mine.  Your heart and mind deserve someone so much better than me.  I’m just a pathetic loser who knows how to professionally break my own heart.  I’m pathetic and stupid for falling so hard so quickly.  Nothing I can do now.  I will just remain broken.  


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